Lalaloopsy Costumes

Your child will be looking "sew cute" this Halloween in one of these Lalaloopsy group costumes for girls. These rag doll outfits feature designs based off the line of cute toys. Many styles use a knee length skirt or dress patterned to look like a specific Lalaloopsy character. Since there are so many dolls with their own unique styles, this theme is a great pick for groups of friends who want to dress up together. Have everyone pick out their favorite character to wear as part of the group. You can get looks for characters like Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, Mittens Fluff and Stuff, Rosy Bumps N Bruises, or Dyna Might.

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Each of these characters has her own look so your child and her friends can each wear a distinctive Lalaloopsy costume. Lalaloopsy dolls are a line of posable toys based on a classic rag doll design. These adorable characters each have their own style, names, birthdays, and personalities. The collectability and adorable look of these dolls has contributed to their popularity among girls. The dolls have even sparked their own TV series and movie. You can extend the fun of these colorful and creative dolls to your dress up time. Even if it is not Halloween, you can still have a lot of fun dressing up. Character dresses can be a great investment in your child's imaginative play time. Dressing as your favorite Lalaloopsy doll will help to immerse your child in play with their toys.

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