Kylo Ren Costumes

Are you prepared to wield the powerful kyber-powered lightsaber and become a member of the Knights of Ren while wearing a Kylo Ren Costume for Halloween? Our low prices make it easy for both adults and kids to don the iconic black mask and relive the action of Star Wars Episode VII. Order a Kylo Ren Halloween costume today!

Kylo Ren Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The galaxy experienced a period of peace after the fall of the Empire, but that all changed with the emergence of the First Order as a major force in the galaxy. And nobody is perhaps more synonymous with this terrorist organization than the evil Kylo Ren. The fallen son of Han Solo, Ben is a fearsome and ruthless enforcer who has risen to the rank of Supreme Chancellor through his ambition and anger become the ultimate foe facing the Resistance.

Step into these formidable black shoes this Halloween thanks to our fearsome official Star Wars catalog that’s so good you’ll swear we looted Kylo’s wardrobe. Don his black robes and intimidating mask and pick up a lightsaber prop that will have you looking as if you have just come off the big screen. This diverse selection features numerous costumes that are designed to offer plenty of options and little touches to ensure you can fine-tune your Star Wars adventure this Halloween.

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