Kylo Ren Costumes

Are you prepared to wield the powerful kyber-powered lightsaber and become a member of the Knights of Ren while wearing a Kylo Ren Costume for Halloween? Our low prices make it easy for both adults and kids to don the iconic black mask and relive the action of Star Wars Episode VII. Order a Kylo Ren Halloween costume today!

Bring fear to the galaxy with our Kylo Ren Costumes!

As a descendant of the great Darth Vader, Kylo Ren (AKA Ben Solo) is strong with the force. Trained by his uncle, Luke Skywalker, Ben proves a gifted young Padawan. Disastrously, Ben is seduced by the dark side and goes on to ravage a jedi temple and later join the First Order. Being torn between his jedi roots and the ways of the Sith, Kylo keeps his enemies on edge with his unpredictably lethal powers.

Get shipping faster than Kylo Ren’s reflexes

Wholesale Halloween Costume offers both adult and children Kylo Ren costumes. We also offer individual accessories like his menacing silver & black mask or his signature hilted red saber. If you disagree with the ways of the First Order, check out our Finn and Classic X Wing Fighter costumes to bring light to the dark. With our low prices it’s easy to get into the Star Wars Universe for Halloween!

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