Knight Costumes

These days your choice of Halloween costume is not limited to skeletons and ghosts, you can find a style on almost any theme you could think of. This year, if you feel like rescuing a few damsels in distress then why not pick from the range of knight costumes on offer.

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You can choose to be a noble Knight or if you want to be wicked, then pick the Dark Knight's suit with darker colors on its tunic and emblem and a cape. Complete your look with the boot covers and gauntlets and do not forget a sword for maximum effect. Valiant noblemen, crusaders and brave jousters are also options as are humorous knight costumes too.

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No one will be able to resist a handsome templar coming to their door, and you will be sure you get a lot of treats if you go trick or treating in these outfits. Or if you are planning a Halloween party then expect women to be lining up to spend time with their knight in shining armor.

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You do not have to be stuck in the Middle Ages, however. If your style is more unconventional and cool, then why not pick one of the other selections in this range and become a Jedi Knight . You could even transport yourself to a fairy tale land for the night by picking a Sir Lancelot costume.

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