We bet you didn’t think only the Scottish can wear kilts and serenade everyone with bag pipes. Although it began in that country, the Irish still rock them when celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. 

Costume Kilts - Ideas & Inspiration

Celebrate the day of the Irish with the addition of a sporty looking piece of apparel to your costume that will leave no doubt that you’re ready to party. Kilts are amazing inventions tracing their origins back to the Gaelic men and boys who lived in the Scottish highlands. Of course, since then they’ve made their way around and today we have a great selection of St. Patrick’s Day-themed kilts ready and able to become a crucial part of your costume ensemble for the day.

Coming in emerald green, they’re a great themed way to add a welcome surprise to your look with that will have everyone feeling ready to join in the fun with their own kilt and skirt-looks. Whether it’s just a fun addition to your party wear or part of a whole other look such as a Leprechaun, you’ll find these are versatile products that are a good fit all-around. Featuring a plaid design, St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse as any to wear these bold garments. 

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