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What better way for Katy Kats to spend Halloween than going as their favorite pop-star? With her unique sense of style creating a new ensemble for every song, it's never been easier for a party to all go as the same artist until Katy Perry group costumes came around.

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Whether you're going for a sexy look with one of Katy's California Gurls cupcake or whipped cream bralettes or dresses or are looking for something more appropriate for younger members of your group, the Katy Perry collection has got it. You can even experience a beautiful Cinderella story with the sexy neon ensemble from Last Friday Night. Who needs a long, bulky dress to be a princess anymore?

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And what would be better than to dress every costume up with a wig? The greatest part of being Katy is that you get to let your inner you shine out by picking the color wig that best reflects your personality and style it any way you want. There might be ten other Katy Perry's floating around at the party or on the streets, but you can guarantee that you are all unique and different individuals.

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Celebrate Halloween with colors and bright lights by taking your party on the streets with Katy Perry group costumes.

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