Jurassic World Costumes

After the success of the original three Jurassic Park films, John Hammond’s dream of building a park full of dinosaurs that the world could enjoy came true with the release of Jurassic World. From trained raptors to the genetically engineered Indominus Rex, there’s no shortage of awesome and dangerous dinos in this park! This Halloween, dress up as raptor trainer Owen, or as the T-Rex itself!

Find The Best Jurassic World Costumes At Everyday Low Prices

There’s nothing as cool as Owen Grady, the ex-Navy man who trains raptors to go from hunting machines to a team of tactically trained dinos! So why not show your action hero side by dressing the part of Owen this year? Or, if you’re so inclined, put on a T-Rex mask and become the dinosaur that’s inspired so many to love and fear the giant lizards from long ago. Either way, there are plenty of Jurassic World costumes and accessories to choose from!

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