Joseph Costumes

Joseph Costume 

Take on the robes of the man responsible for raising the Son of God. Become the humble Joseph for Halloween or your church’s next Christmas party! Wholesale Halloween offers a wide selection of Joseph costumes to fit your budget.

Joseph Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Praise be this holiday season, we’ve got a stunning costume that will transform you into a biblical figure that’s straight out of the good book. Take your place as Joseph with a costume chosen from our selection of Bible costumes featured around this important figure. The husband of Mary, Joseph raised the son of God teaching him the virtues of humility, piety, and sacrifice. There are few accomplishments greater than that.

Featuring various colors and bits of garment, the majority of these costumes adhere to a style that is appropriate for the period that the Bible takes place in and Joseph’s class and position in Jewish society. We also have a Bible wig and beard set designed to enhance and provide your new look with the perfect topper to really finish it off with an authentic flourish. Once you’ve scoured this catalog you can be sure you have everything you need to make your big debut this Christmas.

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