Joker Costumes

Memorable performances by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as the clown-faced villain from Batman has led to a fabulous revival of this evil character. Even now, people are just as excited about dressing up as The Joker and shadowing the feats and stunts performed in the Batman movies. As a matter of fact,The Joker costumes and makeup kits are highly anticipated on themed occasions, such as Halloween parties and comic book conventions.

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New 52 Joker Makeup Tutorial

The Clown Prince of Crime has sported a lot of different looks over the years, but none more unique than his appearance in the New 52 series. With a slab of skin stretched out over the insides of his face, this Joker makeup look is sure to gross out the Batman before it hurts him.

Suicide Squad Joker Makeup Tutorial

With his Puddin, Harley Quinn, by his side, Jared Leto's Joker made quite the splash in 2016's Suicide Squad. With pale skin, green hair and a plethora of tattoos, this makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes will have you looking like this most sadistic mob boss in no time.

You will find there are a few varieties such as the famous green and purple suit as well as the Joker Nurse costume. You could also choose from a wide assortment of The gloves, masks with wigs, and makeup kits, And what could be better than turning your pet into an accomplice by adorning him as this villain too? It is one of those special characters that appeal to all ages.

The best part about buying the ensemble including the masks and accessories is that you'll be the best Joker at the party, with the most realistic appearance. You better watch out because if Batman is at the party too, there might be trouble.

Get the look of Batman's Clown Prince of Crime without the vat of corrosive acid or the assistance of a Hollywood theatrical makeup artist. Our low priced wholesale Batman character selections, including The Joker costumes and many more are available all year round, not just for Halloween.

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