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Looking for the finishing touch to your Halloween costume? You should browse through our Jewelry section for a an accessory to your outfit. Selections include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, chokers, armbands and more. We even have finger symbols and faux body piercings.

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From the time man first started wearing clothing, man also wore jewelry. These first adornments were made from simple materials such as animal skins, ivory, stones, feathers, wood, shells and even bones and teeth. Archaeologist have found decorative seashell beads that are more than 73,000 years old in Morocco. Eventually when man learned to forge metal, jewelry was made from gold, silver, bronze and other metals.

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Diamonds were first discovered in India more than two thousand years ago. Today the biggest supplier of diamonds is South America and only 20 percent of diamonds that are mined are used in jewelry. Diamonds are a little too expensive to pair with a costume, so we have a number of rhinestone items available for purchase. The occupation of jewel as a career was seen first in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Both societies were proficient in metallurgy and gem collection. Gold was popular l because of its shine, longevity and softness.

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In the middle Ages in Europe, only nobility and religious men wore jewelry. Monks, who were skilled craftsmen, created religious adornments. In Renaissance Europe, necklaces and earrings became much more popular and jewelry became more common, even among peasants, and was often a part of evening attire.

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