Jewelry & Wand Accessories

Looking for the finishing touch to your Halloween costume? You should browse through our Jewelry section for a an accessory to your outfit. Selections include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, chokers, armbands and more. We even have finger symbols and faux body piercings.

Costume Jewelry & Wand Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

Put together a stunning new look that will leave all your friends and family dazzled for your big Halloween debut. There’s nothing better than creating something, pulling its disparate pieces together and then see the fruits of your labor pay off, and costumes are no different. Make sure your outfit comes out just the way you planned and dig through our catalog of jewelry pieces for just the right one that will allow you to customize your ensemble just the way you want.

Featuring a wide and diverse selection, you can be sure you’ll find a piece or pieces that suit your needs. We have everything ranging from Egyptian jewelry fit for a Pharaoh to retro styled pieces like disco balls, 80’s neon and more. Look just like a Disney princess with official accessories like Moana’s necklace or spot a Gothic choker that looks like it emerged from the darkest corners of Transylvania. With so much jewelry your biggest concern might be being overwhelmed with choices.

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