Jesus Costumes

Jesus Christ, we have great costumes for him. At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we have offerings for both men and boys, a New Testament to how devoted we are to our great selection and low prices. When your friends need to exorcise a demon on Halloween, they’ll have the son of God to call upon to drive those evil spirits away! Get your Jesus costume today!

Jesus Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You have some mighty big shoes to fill when you’re even thinking about sporting a Jesus Christ look. Make sure you’re ready for what you’re in store for by prepping with an amazing costume that looks like it came straight from the Bible. Make sure your costume ensemble skips on no detail and browse our collection of costumes centered on the Lord himself. These outfits look so good you’ll swear they were preordained.

Whether you’re doing a Bible play, starring in a school performance or just partying this Easter or Halloween, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a Christ costume that can stand up to some serious scrutiny. These costumes feature clothing that would have been totally normal in Jesus’ time and are based off ancient fashion styles as well as later artistic renditions of this monumentally important figure. Pick up a shepherd’s cane and wig and beard set if not included in your chosen costume to help put the perfect finish on a Jesus look that will show the true depths of piety.

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