Jessie Costumes

Never outgrow your childhood with licensed Toy Story Jessie costumes. Women and girls alike can enjoy this sassy cowgirl’s look, complete with her signature red hat, cow print pants, and white, yellow, and red shirt. Jessie is a headstrong and determined young cowgirl that was once a little girl’s toy but was taken in by Al the toy owner in Toy Story 2. After Woody, Jessie, and her horse Bullseye broke out of the evil toy owner’s grasp, she joined all of Andy’s toys in their adventures. Be just as strong willed and tough as Jessie the cowgirl in any of these costumes. Do-it-yourselfers can complete the look with the accessories of Jessie’s hat and bow.

Yee-haw! Jessie might be newer to the Toy Story gang than Rex or Hamm, but now she's like family! If you want to make a groups costume out of the gang from Woody's Roundup, you'll need four friends. Obviously, one of them will be wearing a Woody costume, and the other two can make for great recreations of Stinky Pete and Bullseye! Take a look at our other Toy Story costumes to see which other great characters from the classic Disney Pixar franchise can join your crew!

Jessie is nothing without her horse and best friend Bullseye – grab a horse stuffed animal to make this duo recognizable. She can also be a great half of a couples costume – choose from co-heroes Woody or Buzz Lightyear for an unforgettable pair of toys. Be the female heroine of the Toy Story trilogy as an individual or in a group costume. Gather the rest of the toys in the toy box for a squad that is the best at the toy store – because no toy gets left behind!

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