Jedi Costumes

When you're looking to make an impact for Halloween, you want to turn to the Force. These Jedi costumes take you to a galaxy far far away and are instantly recognizable. All of your favorite Jedi knights can be purchased to make you part of the elite fighters for the Force. A Jedi also needs his weapon, so pair it up with a lightsaber so you can truly represent the Star Wars galaxy.

Jedi Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Let the Force flow through you this Halloween and commune with the rest of the council in search of a costume or accessory that will transform you into a true Jedi Knight.The Dark Side will stand no chance when you’re adorned in a stunning new look that will feel like it came straight out of Star Wars’ prequel trilogy. But with so many choices you might feel overwhelmed. But don’t despair; after all, you know what that leads to. Instead, use your connection to center yourself and get a Jedi costume just in time for the next installment in the Skywalker saga.

Our collection of Jedi outfits are so authentic that you’ll swear they came straight of the supply that they have at the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Get yours and pick up an official lightsaber that will leave you ready to defend the galaxy against Sith aggression. Even pooch can join in with a Jedi robe that proves once and for all that size matters not.

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