Jasmine Costumes

Experience “a whole new world” with Princess Jasmine costumes and accessories. Any of the products below will help your transform into the sassy and beautiful princess of Agrabah. Jasmine has a kind heart and is ready for adventure with her best friend, a tiger named Rajah. Unfortunately, the tiger nor the magic carpet are included with any of the items below, but your wish to be just like Jasmine has been granted (don’t worry, you still have two more wishes.) Costumes are licensed by Disney so you know the Genie approves!

Jasmine Costume & Accessories

Jasmine is often seen wearing a gauzy teal outfit that combats the heat. Her off-the-shoulder crop top complements billowy pants, and her look is tied together with a teal and gemstone headpiece and gold necklace and earrings. We carry a variety of Jasmine costumes that are perfect for adults and children alike. Girls’ costumes still feature Jasmine’s balloon-like pants, but instead of a crop top like she wears in the animated movie, the bodice is attached to the pants to create a regal jumpsuit in Jasmine’s iconic teal color. Adult women’s costumes are more akin to Jasmine’s original look, and feature billowy pants and crop tops with gauzy sleeves.  Don’t forget to add your own unique touch with gold jewelry like bangle bracelets, dangly earrings and coin accessories. 


It’s easy to get the whole family in on the fun with costumes from the animated and live-action Aladdin movies. There are so many characters to choose from, including Aladdin himself, Jasmine, the Genie, Jafar and the sultan. Pets and babies are perfect for dressing up as Aladdin sidekicks, like Rajah the tiger, Abu the monkey and Iago the parrot. And we have the perfect idea for carting around these cuties! Our DIY Magic Carpet Wagon Upgrade turns trick-or-treating into a whole new world. You’ll need some basic craft supplies like foamboard, fabric, adhesive and more - we’ve included a full list for your convenience. Measure and cut the foamboard to fit your wagon, leaving an opening in the center so that kids can easily climb in and out. Cover the foamboard in fabric reminiscent of a magic carpet, add ribbon details, and you’re ready to go! Your little ones will feel like they’re on a magic carpet ride going ‘round the world with this fun wagon upgrade.

Disney Princess Group Costumes

Jasmine counts herself as a Disney Princess, which means that she’s in the company of other noteworthy ladies like BelleAurora,  TianaSnow White and Ariel. Get your girlfriends together for your next Halloween bash, and ask that everybody dresses as a different Disney Princess. It’s a great way to make a statement as a group, but with each lady honoring her individual style and personality.


When Halloween is over and the costumes have been packed away, keep the fun going with an Aladdin birthday party for your little one. These fun, festive party supplies feature all of your favorite characters, including Jasmine, Rajah and more. Our party in a box makes planning your little one’s birthday a piece of cake, as we’ve curated all of the party supplies you’ll need, including tablecovers, plates, napkins, cups and matching plastic flatware. Plus, we carry an array of add-ons and decorations that tie together your party from beginning to end: invitations, thank-you notes, balloons, streamers and even personalized party supplies like banners that make the birthday boy or girl feel like a prince or princess of Agrabah for the day. And heck, who are we kidding - get the costumes out and go big or go home. Make it a magical day for your loved one!

Aladdin the Movie

When most people hear the word Aladdin, they think about the 1992 animated Disney classic. The story follows the titular character Aladdin, a street urchin who swipes bread and fruit from the local market with the help of his loyal sidekick, the monkey Abu. While Aladdin is galavanting around the souk, Jafar, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah, and his parrot sidekick Iago search for a magical lamp hidden inside the Cave of Wonders. Jafar is told that the only person worthy of entering the cave is a “diamond in the rough,” who Jafar identifies as Aladdin. Jafar instructs palace guards to apprehend Aladdin, and then commands him to acquire the lamp. Unfortunately, while Aladdin and Abu are in the cave, it collapses. It is there that Aladdin rubs the lamp and meets the Genie, who promises him three wishes.

Of course, the story unfolds from there; Aladdin tricks the Genie into getting them out of the cave, and eventually asks the Genie to turn him into “Prince Ali Ababwa so that he can woo Princess Jasmine, daughter of the sultan, who is only permitted to marry a prince. Though she lives in a palace and her father, the sultan, loves her, Jasmine wishes for something more in life. She encounters Aladdin during an outing to the market, and is taken with him. However, the law in Agrabah mandates that she must marry a prince. Jafar wishes to marry her and take over as sultan; Jasmine, however, is repulsed by him and would rather marry someone she loves. That’s where Aladdin’s alter ego Prince Ali Ababwa comes in.

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