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Creepy clowns take on a new form of life in an It costume. At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you can scare and thrill people around you in costumes available for all shapes and sizes. Combine our amazing selection of Stephen King’s creation with easy and fast shipping for a night you’ll never let anyone forget. Pick up an It costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes for a completely chilling look.

Pennywise The Clown from It Makeup Tutorial

Transform yourself into the most famous clown of all this Halloween when you use the skills from the It Movie Pennywise Makeup Tutorial! Get the look from the new reboot series, and make everyone from the town of Derry, or everyone from your own town, freshly scared of this clown! It takes a little bit of makeup know-how, as well as some special items, but you can see step-by-step pictures and instructions to help you create something that works great with your next Pennywise Halloween costume! You may have to argue about the merits of the new version verses the original, but at least you'll be scary the whole night!

Pennywise Costumes

Pennywise Costume Accessories

Your It costume is sure to look good and get the fear flowing this Halloween, but if you need some extra details to help yourself look perfect, this page also features a big collection of wonderful Pennywise costume accessories for you to choose from! Don't want to worry about messy make-up? Get a fast and easy wig or mask. But, if you want to get a special kind of look, there are make-up kits with everything you need for a night of greasepaint. There are also pet costumes, raincoats, animated props, and even collectible figurines – all to help your Halloween look and feel amazing!

Group Costume Ideas

While Pennywise is probably the most famous character from Stephen King's books, there are lots of other characters you can add to make a horror-themed group costume! From Carrie White and Roland Deschain to Rose Madder, Gerald, and even Anne Wilkes, head to a costume party as plenty of members from the King Pantheon!

It Movies

It 1990

We all really know why we're afraid of clowns. With these It costumes and Pennywise costumes, your next Halloween is going to look even better, and you'll be ready to give all kinds of scares in modern or classic Pennywise Halloween costumes!

The first It movie, released in 1990 as a two-part miniseries, follows a group of children haunted by a terrifying presence, most often seen as the white-faced clown Pennywise. Its ensemble cast includes Richard Thomas, John Ritter, Annette O'Toole, Jonathan Brandis, Seth Green, Emily Perkins. Tim Curry portrays Pennywise the clown, and it is one of the reasons for his prominence. The running time of this special series was over three hours – required, since Stephen King's original book was more than a thousand pages long. While the miniseries had to cut numerous details and subplots due to network requirements and running time, it retained the stark fear and huge story of the novel.

Pennywise the clown has since become an icon of horror and scary clowns across the globe, thanks in part to Tim Curry's performance, and in part with the unique and memorable look of Pennywise, which you can get for your next Pennywise Halloween costume.

It Reboot

In ongoing development since 2009, the It reboot was released in 2017, showing the earlier half of the story, set in 1988. The sequel, to be released this year, will show the second half, set in 2016, and the climax of the story. The reboot features Jaeden Martell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, and others as the children in the story, and has Bill Skarsgard as the horrifying clown Pennywise. The second party – called Chapter Two – features James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, and more as the older versions of the children, with Skarsgard reprising his role as the eponymous creature.

Pennywise's look has been updated, moving away from the bright and cheery colors of the Tim Curry version – which contrasted the fearful character to create an ironic design – and instead giving the clown a muted, dark look, with new face paint despite keeping the bright white covering. A new version of Pennywise means terrifying new Pennywise costumes, perfect for whatever kind of spooky Halloween fun you have planned.

IT Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Everyone will float this Halloween when they get a good look at your deadlights courtesy of an amazing Pennywise ensemble chosen from our extensive selection of It costumes. This Halloween, step into the colorful oversized shoes of everyone’s favorite sewer-dwelling clown when you make your big debut wearing one of our officially licensed outfits.

We have gear taken from both of the Stephen King adaptations, the first of which starred Tim Curry as the titular It. His incarnation of the character featured a traditional clown suit based off the sort that you’d find at a circus providing him with an excellent cover that allowed him to draw his prey in nice and close. That was when he’d reveal his razor-sharp teeth and go in for the kill. The second incarnation reflected in our catalog is the recent version played by Bill Skarsgard. This interpretation of It saw Pennywise wearing a tattered almost medieval or renaissance-era clown costume. He was much more monstrous seemingly unable to hide his hunger or true nature. Pick your version and get to stalking the sewers and drainpipes of your hometown for a cinematic horror blockbuster of a night.

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