Iron Man Costumes

The red armor, the super powers, the space-age technology; it is Iron Man. He is a member of the superhero group known as the Avengers. Nothing beats a quality Iron Man superhero Halloween costume no matter what your age. Iron Man didn't start out as a superhero. The Iron Man costume was the created by Billionaire Tony Stark while he was held captive by terrorists who were forcing him to build them a weapon of mass destruction.

Iron Man Costumes

He may not have been the first Avenger (That title belongs to Captain America), but Tony Stark is certainly the most innovative. Tell your friends to buy their Avengers Costumes today, so they can match your Iron Man look. With the two sides of Civil War, Thor and the Incredible Hulk, your super squad will define the term "goals."

Instead of building the weapon, he built a suit of armor and made an amazing escape. When Stark returned from captivity, he incorporated much of is company's military technology into a new suit of armor, and created the identity in order to fight crime and to protect the world.

The Avengers costume has the graphic details of an armor suit but the technology will be up to your imagination. However, some of the deluxe Iron Man Halloween costumes such as the Mark VI come with a reflective and light up chest Repulsor that is operated with a small battery included with the costume. You'll also have your choice between muscle padded costumes and standard jumpsuits. Additional Tony Stark costumes include the War Machine costume, Ironette costume and the Whiplash costume.

This Halloween costume is suitable for boys and men. You can fight crime solo, wear it side-by-side with your best friend in the War Machine costume or with a group as the Avengers. You can even take on Tony Stark's likeness by wearing the Tony Stark beard and mustache set underneath your Iron Man costume.

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