Inflatable T-Rex Costumes

This Halloween, you can be a Dinosaur out of everyone’s nightmares with Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Inflatable T-Rex costumes. When you slip into an inflatable t-rex costume, you’ll feel ready to take on your next Halloween bash or costume party. For a humorous yet terrifying twist on this classic reptile, make it the Inflatable T-Rex costume. We offer a variety of styles and sizes for the whole family, as well as fast shipping so you can order yours today.

Inflatable T-Rex Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Show some Jurassic style this Halloween with a new set of costumes that will leave you at the top of the prehistoric food chain. If you’re a lover of these extinct giant reptiles then you won’t want to miss out on the chance to dress like one with an exciting new costume straight out of our inflatable T-Rex catalog.

This exciting selection of products features several authentic-looking Tyrannosaurus costumes that are designed to inflate giving you extra size and girth than you would have otherwise. The look features an authentic T-Rex exterior with highly-detailed skin texturing, an attached tail and small arms as well an attached headpiece for a completely impressive top-to-bottom ensemble that feels like it came straight out of the latest Jurassic World movie. Get yours and team up with your fellow dinosaur-wearing buddies. Just be aware that none will be as impressive as yours thanks to the inflatable feature.

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