Inflatable Costumes

Halloween is about being larger than life. Wholsale Halloween Costumes let's you do that with our inflatable costume characters ranging from T-Rex to Wario and everything in between. Go for the extra-ordinary and browse our extensive selection for your next Inflatable Halloween costume!

Why Inflatable Costumes for Halloween

If you're trying to find a Halloween costume that's more unique, memorable, and unforgettable for your next costume party or a night of trick-or-treating, take a look at these special Inflatable costumes and pick your favorite!

An Inflatable costume is the perfect look for Halloween, thanks to a bunch of reasons: they draw the eye, so no one will be able to miss you. Their shape makes them fun and funny, and inflatable costumes  are comfy and cool, in case you're headed to a warm event. Sometimes, as well, a costume needs to get inflated to look right, and these fun outfits are ready to help you make something amazing. You're going to get kids laughing at your silly antics, adults loving the way you look, and you're sure to find an inflatable Halloween costume that helps you get an outfit you're sure to love, yourself.

Animal Costumes

Animals have been classic Halloween costumes since the very beginning, but now you can get a look that's unique – blow up these outfits and get ready for a night of wild animal kingdom fun! There are dozens of different looks that help both kids and adults find the perfect costume for a fun night. There are barnyard animals like chicks and cows, a large variety of prehistoric monsters like dinosaurs – in green, scaly skin, triceratops, pteranodons, and more, King Kong, Godzilla, sharks, hippos – complete with a tutu, of course – and even gummy bears. Join the other members of the animal kingdom for a great group costume, or strike out on your own and become the king of the animals – but not just as a lion this time!

It's also a great way to get something for a school play or another performance, since these costumes are funny and eye-catching – great for getting the audience laughing!

Group Inflatable Costumes

Get a big collection of dinosaur costumes, each one unique, from Jurassic World or generic looks, become Star Wars characters like BB-8, Han Solo frozen in carbonite, and Chewbacca, become superheroes like Batman and Superman or Baymax from Big Hero 6, and you can even get all kinds of great colorful inflatable costumes to make the entire rainbow ready to party!

If you have an entire family who wants to get a big, bulbous look for a night full of trick-or-treating, there are tons and tons of options that everyone will love. Spongebob Squarepants, Elvis, farm animals, crazy and colorful clowns – as well as dark, deadly, and evil-looking clowns – and tons of other wonderful looks make it simple to get everyone ready for going through the neighborhood and getting some delicious treats, or for going to a costume party with all of his or her friends. From scary and horror outfits to big, bright, and colorful fun outfits, there are tons of different Inflatable Halloween costumes that everyone is sure to love when you shop this collection!

Funny Costumes

Almost any inflatable costume can count as a funny costume, but there are some that are designed to get everyone around it laughing! Dress up as a big huge baby with a nappy, a bib, and a pacifier, become a huge yellow banana, get the colorful outfit of a crazy clown, get ready to wrestle as a sumo champ, get a huge red and white Santa outfit, a red, white, and blue Uncle Sam, a grim reaper grabber, a happy and huge pile of poo, and – of course, a big, swollen, purple eggplant with a couple of big, expressive eyes. Bounce around and get ready to make your next look at a costume party something that is sure to add fun to a costume party, and it's a great way to make memories. Your kids will love to get these fun costumes when they go trick-or-treating, and you're ready for any kind of funny event!

Officially Licensed Costumes

While there are lots of generic costumes to get, there are also tons of costumes from movies, television, and more that will help you find an amazing look no matter what kind of party you're going to attend. Become Han Solo trapped in Carbonite or BB-8 who's always ready to roll, dress up as the huge and monstrous Stay Puft man who can't wait to destroy New York City, or become one of the oldest and most famous monsters from a movie ever with the help of a Godzilla costume!

There are also characters from Despicable Me, the colorful and happy minions, plenty of dinosaur outfits from Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants – or the yellow Sponge himself – Pokemon, Big Hero 6, Batman and Superman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and plenty more. Get ready for a fun fan event or a convention, or make your next night of costume party fun better than ever!

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