Gear up for a super Halloween with The Incredibles Family costumes for men, women and children. This collection of superhero suits has something for every member of the family so you can put together your own team of crime-fighters. Since you can find these jumpsuits and muscle torso designs in both adult and child sizes, it is a snap to dress up your entire family for a fun group ensemble. Just like in the Disney movie, these red superhero jumpsuits feature a yellow "i" logo and black accents. And NO CAPES! You can accessorize your Incredibles outfit with some hero accessories like a mask, boots, gloves, and wigs. Items like make up and wigs can really help you match the character from the film. Have you and your family dress up as Mrs. and Mr. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and even baby Jack Jack for a fun bonding experience this Halloween.

Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles is a fun kid's superhero movie from Disney and Pixar. The story follows the life of a family of superheroes living in a time when heroes have been told to keep out of the limelight. We start the movie watching Mr. Incredible trying to relive the glory days of crime fighting. Soon, the real villain raises his head and this super family must band together to save the world! Despite having super powers, this family still has its normal problems: making friends, working in a boring job, and trying to raise a family. The balance of family life and superhero action makes Disney's Incredibles the great movie that it is.

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