Hunger Games Costumes

Volunteer as a tribute and choose a Hunger Games Halloween costume this year! At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we have a great selection of inexpensive Hunger Games costumes. Our Hunger Games Halloween Costumes are perfect for any women or girl who idolizes Katniss Everdeen. Get your Hunger Games Halloween costume today!

Hunger Games Costume Ideas & Inspiration

May the odds ever be in your favor! Travel to District 1 this Halloween armed and ready to compete in the game of a lifetime with a collection of costumes that will let you step into the shoes of your favorite character from sci-fi dystopia series. You’re sure to win thanks to this Hunger Games catalog providing you with a much-needed edge if you’re going to emerge on top this Halloween. We have plenty of costumes all officially licensed from the movie featuring a whole range of outfits that were showcased on-screen.

It’s actually surprising just how many iconic outfits Katniss wore when you lay them out this way but it only speaks to the visual power behind this series. Featuring such looks as her flaming dress which she used to make a dramatic entrance to the games with or her athletic Catching Fire costume, this collection has something for any fan. Pick up a bow and arrow and get ready for the games to start with a look that will leave your fellow Hunger Games fan rooting for you this season.

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