Hulk Costumes

The Avengers are undoubtedly the fiercest and mightiest superhero squad on the planet. Collectively, they are an intimidating ensemble of warriors that are focused on protecting the world from evil by using their super abilities. The strongest member on The Avengers team is The Incredible Hulk. While working on a special bomb project for the military, scientist Bruce Banner rushed to save a young boy who had entered the lab putting himself in harm's way. After saving the boy, Bruce Banner was exposed to toxic radiation which would transform him into the current super-hero we know today. Channel Banner's rage by wearing The Incredible Hulk costume.

When Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into the green giant unleashing fury on anyone or anything that gets him uncontrollably angry. The Hulk has a variety of super-powers other than his amazing strength, such as his uncanny ability to travel at topnotch speeds. While he's running, he can cover large distances with each step and can reach the earth's atmosphere in a single leap. The creature can also create blasting claps which are loud and explosive enough to leave people deaf. His used this technique on many different occasions including to take out fires and harm his enemies.

Due to his enormous strength, very little has ever been known to faze the green giant. The Hulk heals at a quick rate and his high level of endurance shows that it's literally impossible to destroy him. Only super-heroes on the same level of strength such as The Thing, Abomination, or Thor, have shown to cause trouble for him. Nonetheless, The Hulk Halloween costume is an exceptionally amazing Avenger's outfit that you'll definitely powerful in.

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