Easter Costumes & Accessories

Variety is as bountiful as spring itself when it comes to choosing Easter costumes. From bunny suits made for delivering goodie baskets to religious garb for Passion plays, we have them all for adults and children in styles from the most affordable all the way to professional mascot quality.

Easter Costumes & Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

It’s no secret why everyone loves celebrating Easter. This holiday offers plenty for everyone to enjoy: festive outdoor adventures, nature, and even a cute fluffy giant bunny that’s got plenty of games for the kids to play. And for those of a religious persuasion, Easter is a time of reflection and celebration on their relationship with the Lord. If you fall into the former category then be sure to pick up one of our amazing Easter Bunny costumes chosen from an extensive collection that features costumes for children or adults.

Use your new festive look to set up an Easter egg hunting that will have the kids laughing all day long. We also have religious outfits available to celebrate Easter’s spiritual significance featuring major figures such as Joseph and Mary, as well as Shepherd ensembles and even Roman apparel that will make putting on a live performance so easy it’ll be hard not to.

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