Hobbit Costumes

Return to the world of The Lord of The Rings with it’s related film, The Hobbit. Immerse yourself into the characters by actually being one of the main characters in the movie. Choose from Gandalf or Bilbo Baggins himself, amongst Smaug, Glum, Ringwraith, Queen Arwen, or Thorin. No matter which character you choose, human or not, you are sure to make it as magical as ever. While you may choose to be a Hobbit this Halloween, the prices of these costumes aren’t ugly at all.

Hobbit Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Set off the shire on a grand adventure this Halloween with an exciting collection of costumes and other apparel straight from Middle Earth. You’ll feel like you’re part of a grand fellowship when you and your friends are partying side-by-side this Halloween adorned in an authentic selection of The Hobbit costumes that have been fully decked out to look like they came straight from the movie.

Dress up as the enigmatic Gandalf brimming with arcane power and secret knowledge, or transform yourself into an Elven beauty with our Arywn outfit. We’ve got accessories such as wigs, full-bodied outfits, and staffs to provide you with just what you need for an adventure that the whole party can join in on. Even Gollum’s ugly mug is represented with a mask that features his beady little eyes no doubt searching for his precious. Save Middle Earth from Smaug this year dressed in only the finest outfits from the Lord of the Rings saga.

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