Hobbit Costumes

Return to the world of The Lord of The Rings with it’s related film, The Hobbit. Immerse yourself into the characters by actually being one of the main characters in the movie. Choose from Gandalf or Bilbo Baggins himself, amongst Smaug, Glum, Ringwraith, Queen Arwen, or Thorin. No matter which character you choose, human or not, you are sure to make it as magical as ever. While you may choose to be a Hobbit this Halloween, the prices of these costumes aren’t ugly at all.

Find The Best Hobbit Costumes Online

Battle dragons and hang out with wizards with Hobbit licensed costumes. Want to be just like the wizard Gandalf himself? We offer different versions of his trademark long beard so you don’t have to worry about growing one yourself! Bad at makeup? Our Glum mask makes it easier for you not to have to do special effects. Whether you prefer Thorin or Smaug, we have so many options for you to choose from it’s almost sorcery.

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