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Turn yourself into one of America’s founding fathers with historical costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Enjoy costumes of cavemen and women, past political leaders, Native Americans, and even Royalty! You won’t want to miss the looks on your friend’s faces when they see you show up with one of these historic costumes. So, just for a day, be ready to say goodbye to your modern life, and hello to being a blast from the past! Find your historical costume today!

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Our crowns and robes, made just for kings and queens, will have you wondering where your dragons and jesters are. Women will love our Lady Renaissance gear, perfect for couples costumes. Or, if you’re more interested in democracy than royalty, you can check out colonial wigs and a matching outfit, turning yourself into a Founding Father!

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Are you a huge history buff? Revive your favorite figure from any era with Wholesale Halloween Costumes's line of historical costumes. Become a blast from the past with one of our many cheap yet stylish outfits!

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Throughout history, there have been countless figures who have left their marks on human civilization. Iconic statespeople, war heroes, civil activists, and more have become not only revolutionaries, but symbols for their accomplishments. Emulate one of these great people of history with a Halloween outfit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. We have countless affordable yet fashionable costumes to choose from, and we'll deliver your favorite one to you in no time with out fast shipping service. Order online now from Wholesale Halloween Costumes for your very own historical costume! With an array of costumes to choose from, you can make all of your historical dreams come true… in costume form! Happy shopping!

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