Historical Accessories

Ancient Greek and Roman themed costumes are popular year after year. Dressing up as a mythical god, stunning goddess, or an epic hero is always so much fun. The flowing tunics and togas of Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman inspired outfits are always eye catching, but the accessories are what really make these costumes stand out. Search through our selection of Ancient Greek and Roman costume accessories to find the perfect pieces you need to complete your ensemble. Order your accessories today!

Shop Historical Costume Accessories At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

You can find everything you need to look like an ancient Mediterranean from head to toe, with Trojan warrior helmets and leather strap sandals. We have brilliant gold arm cuffs and battle armor, with chest plates, shields, and prop swords that can transform you into the stuff of legends. We also carry stunning jewelry options for women, like gold coin earrings and necklaces, snake themed bracelets, headdresses fit for the goddesses of Mt. Olympus.

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