Historical Costumes

Turn yourself into one of America’s founding fathers with historical costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Enjoy costumes of cavemen and women, past political leaders, Native Americans, and even Royalty! You won’t want to miss the looks on your friend’s faces when they see you show up with one of these historic costumes. So, just for a day, be ready to say goodbye to your modern life, and hello to being a blast from the past! Find your historical costume today!

Historical Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You don’t need to time-travel to go find a costume that has plenty of past behind it. Choose from our fine selection of history-related outfits and accessories for an exciting new look that will leave you looking out-of-time. Brush off that archeology degree and uncover a fine product that will help you complete your Halloween dissertation. We’ve got a diverse catalog full of costumes and other related items taken from across all of human history.

Go way back and transform yourself into a primitive caveman through a costume with props such as clubs or a bow and arrow for a huntsman look that will see you tangling with prehistoric beasts. Or maybe something a bit more recent is up your alley; in that case, become an autocrat with a height complex thanks to a Napoleon-inspired look that will have all of your friends saying Sacrebleu! We also offer plenty of US-inspired products ranging from colonial, to civil war, Uncle Sam and even modern politics.

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