Hippie Costumes

If the thought of wearing your hair long and free flowing down your back or up high enough to touch the sky in a cool afro hairstyle sounds like something you'll find groovy, then we've got the perfect 60s costume for you! If the idea of sporting multi-colored love beads around your neck, tie-dyed prints on your clothes, funky leather-fringed vests, super-wide bell-bottomed pants, sexy suede halters, leather headbands, acid-splashed jumpsuits, go-go boots, or itsy-bitsy miniskirts makes your mood ring glow red with love, then this Halloween let your freak flag fly in one of our many Hippie costumes!

Buy Hippie Costumes Online

For one day this fall, go back to the Summer of Love in 1967 when the peace symbol gesture stood for a way of life. We have all of the hippie costumes and accessories you could possibly want. The only thing missing is an 8-track of Jimi Hendricks, a copy of Kerouac's On the Road, and some live wildflowers in a wreath on your head.

Find The Best Selection Of Hippie Costumes Online

We have unique hippie outfits for everyone in your family and your circle of friends! Along with afro wigs, peace sign jewelry, mustaches, sunglasses, handbags, and sandals, we have many full ensembles. Take you pick between purchasing a ready made option or using the accessories to create your own look. Our sizes range from child sizes to adult plus sizes. If you are looking to tap into your long-lost 60's self this Halloween season, there's no reason to dig through the boxes in your basement looking for that old tie-dyed shirt! We've got everything you need and more than you can imagine!

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