Hermione Costumes

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Hermione Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Anyone who knows anything about life at Hogwarts knows that Hermoine is well-regarded as the smartest, fiercest, and sometimes yes the most know-it-all who has ever walked its hallowed walls. She’s also one of the main stars of the Harry Potter series often acting as the group’s brain to Ron’s heart and Harry’s soul and was instrumental in their ultimate defeat of the evil Voldemort. With the Harry Potter series continuing to this day, the property has never seemed more alive.

This official Hogwarts collection of costumes and apparel is officially licensed approved by J.K. Rowling’s team as an excellent and accurate representation of the Wizarding World. Browse through our magical catalog this year for a Hermoine costume that’s right for your girl. We’ve got something from almost every one of her appearances making for a wide range of looks that is perfect for girls of almost any age. With scarfs, robes, hairpieces, wands and more you can be sure she’ll feel ready for classes at Hogwarts this Halloween.

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