Give yourself some additional style this year when you purchase one of our many fedora hats . The fedora was made for women, but now is mostly worn by men in today's day and age. It is seen as a very formal style of hat that was ever popular back in the 1960's, though you can still see it being commonly worn today.

Costume Fedoras - Ideas & Inspiration

The fedora is back and it’s better than ever! Impress all of your friends and family this Halloween with a stylish hat that has proven to be timeless. Simple, elegant and bold, this product is for the hat connoisseur out there looking to put the finishing touches on their costumed look. Our diverse catalog includes fine examples of this classic hat ranging in both color and shape providing you with plenty of opportunity to fine tune you look with the help of a hat that really speaks to you.

From a costume perspective, fedoras have often been linked to the mobsters and other members of organized crime that were active during first half of the 20th century. To that end, many of these fedoras would make for a welcome addition to just about guy or doll outfit featuring specific flourishes such as pinstripes, feather flourishes and retro-color schemes. Make sure you’re ready to be the boss with a hat that will leave no doubt who’s in charge of the family.

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