Hatchimals Costumes

Hatchimals Costume 

Burst out of your shell this Halloween with these Hatchimal costumes. Fuzzy and cute, hatchimals have captured the hearts of many. Your kid will love matching their favorite toy when you purchase a Hatchimal costume this season!

Hatchimals Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Give your child the helping hand they need to break free of their shell. Make sure she has a blast this Halloween with an adorable costume that will make her the center of attention for all of her family and friends. Show off your cute magical little sunshine this year with a costume from our lovely selection of Hatchimals costume. For anyone who’s ever gone ‘aww’ in response to seeing a newborn chick, you won’t want to pass up these colorful looks.

Featuring made up creatures such as Draggles, Pengualas, and Zebrushes, your child will love dressing up as some of their favorite toys thanks to these officially licensed outfits. And just like real Hatchimals many of these costumes feature a broken eggshell flourish at the waist making it seem as if they’re a newborn ready to go out and experience the world.  It also makes for a great group theme enabling everyone to dress up as their favorite Hatchimal.

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