Harry Potter Costumes

When you and your friends are going to a convention, a Halloween party, or otherwise need a costume, there's a great deal of satisfaction in going together, rather than individual, unrelated characters. Acting in-character is often encouraged when dressed up, and when you have a group of friends to act with, staying in character becomes both easier and far more entertaining. Harry Potter group costumes are easy and recognizable, but no less fun.

Transform Yourself Into Voldemort

Voldemort Makeup Tutorial

It's hard for us to believe anyone would want to dress up as the Dark Lord, but we'll bet you have the Dark Mark. But every good hero needs a bad villain to face off against. So if you identify more with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named  than the Chosen One, this makeup tutorial is for you.

Voldemort Makeup Removal Tutorial

Once it's time to rid yourself of all the wizardry you put into becoming You-Know-Who, it's important to safely remove your makeup and prosthetics. There's no magical spell to get this special effects makeup off but there is a proper way to remove it all. Follow along with this tutorial to safely transform back into your normal self.

Harry Potter Party Ideas

You may not have received your letter from Hogwarts but that doesn't mean you can party like you got in. Harry Potter and all of his friends have taken us all on a wild adventure filled with magic. Conjure up a magical party of your own by getting inspired by our Harry Potter party ideas. With the right spell and the flick of your wand, your celebration will be spectacular!

More Harry Potter Ideas


No event can bring a bunch of witches and wizards together quite like a Quidditch match, If you're throwing a Harry Potter party, it won't be complete without a thrilling game. Once you divide into teams it's time to pick your Chasers, Beaters, Keeper and Seeker and blow the whistle. Everyone will be trying to find the Golden Snitch and score some points with the Quaffle and these DIY Quidditch Goals


Parties can get pretty crazy with all of the fun activities you have planned. Keep your younger guests busy as you get ready for each event with some coloring pages. These Pixelated Harry Potter Coloring Pages are completely free to download and print. It turns all of your favorite Harry Potter characters into 8-bit art. Your guest can unwind while they color by number to get ready for the rest of your Harry Potter celebration.

Harry Potter Costumes

Look like The Boy Who Lived this Halloween when you rock the glasses and scarf like one Harry Potter. Grab a few friends and have them wear Quidditch robes, too, to make for a wizarding groups costume with Hermoine and Ron. You'll never run out of spells to cast when you grab a TV and Movie costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

Harry Potter Villains Costumes

He might be He Who Shall Not Be Named, but if you're going to dress like him anyway, you might as well say it - VOLDEMORT! That's right; Wholesale Halloween Costumes has Voldemort styles, perfect to complete your Harry Potter Halloween this October. There can only be one, though, so if you're looking for a few more ghouilsh costumes, you might need to grab a Dementor, too!

Buy Harry Potter Costumes Online

Harry Potter is popular enough that those who are more unfamiliar with it will still recognize your group. They are fairly simple: Hogwarts students and teachers need robes. Robes with the Hogwarts emblem screen-printed on the chest will add accuracy. Wands ought not be forgotten. Your Harry Potter will of course need glasses and a little make-up for his scar.

However, your group may consider other aspects for an extra layer of detail. Consider wearing house scarves, or bringing a broomstick. Your Ron may consider bringing a rat with him, or your Harry a snowy white owl. Perhaps one of your Hogwarts characters will have the Marauder's Map or your Neville will bear Gryffindor's Sword. Just the right accessory can add an entire new element to your costume.

Consider also what characters you want together in the group. Perhaps you will want a dementor or a Death Eater, even Voldemort mixed in. Group dynamics change how each individual will act and how your group is perceived as a whole. Creative arrangements and props will catch the eye of others attending the event and together, your Harry Potter group costumes will be the best.

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