Halo Costumes

It is humanity versus the Covenant in the video game Halo . Are you ready to defend your world and protect mankind from extinction? Do you have your Halo armor ready and prepared to take on the aliens from Covenant? You can be Master Chief from the extremely popular science fiction and shooter game called Halo! This award winning video game has captured the imaginations of millions of players worldwide. You can be a part of this excitement by donning your own Halo costumes and accessories!

Halo Costume Ideas & Inspiration

This Halloween, the earth will be just the latest battleground in the war between the UNSC and the Covenant. Finish the fight by suiting up in one of our officially approved Halo costumes and picking a side in this ongoing destructive conflict. It’ll take everything you have to turn back the tide and stop these fanatical alien aggressors from destroying half the galaxy by foolishly activating the Halo rings. But just like Master Chief, we know that you’ll rise to the occasion now that you’re decked out in an outfit that looks like it came straight out of the video game.

John-117’s Spartan-II armor is perhaps the most iconic visual component of Halo and fortunately for you, we’ve got plenty on offer for not just children but adults as well. Make sure you’re ready for combat and pick up weapon prop accessories like the Covenant energy sword. We’ve got plenty of additional character costumes available such as the iconic Cortana bodysuit for women, as well as other Spartan uniforms in various colors and more. Give the Covenant something to worry about when you take to the battlefield dressed as the demon.

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