Gypsy Costumes

Gypsies are always traveling but you won’t be with our low prices and variety of gypsy costumes. The Gypsies have a nomadic lifestyle, never settling in one place for a long period of time. With their traditional head scarves and long, colorful skirts, the gypsies are one of the most culturally recognizable people in existence. Whether you are trying to be a gypsy from a certain movie or a classic one based off of history, any of these costumes are sure to catch the eye of everyone at your next costume event.

Travelled around looking for a great Gypsy costume and haven’t found one? Look no further. The gypsies are known for their music just as much as they’re known for their outrageous clothing. Since the gypsies travelled around a lot, they performed on the street as a way to make money wherever they were. Finger cymbals or tambourines are great accessories to any gypsy costume looking to be historically accurate and add a little something extra to their look.

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