Groot Costumes

You are Groot! Become the stoic, tree-like Groot this Halloween! We have a great selection of Groot costumes for men and boys, and at fantastic prices. Get your Groot Halloween Costume today!

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Groot Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Groot may be a tree of few words so we’ll have to take it from here. Straight from the hit outer space superhero movie, Groot is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, an outer space team of misfits that despite their many, many… many failings somehow manage to save the day time after time. Groot is best friends with Rocket, making that a natural duo when it comes to costumed pairs, and over the course of his appearances in the Guardians movies as well as the Avengers he has existed in various incarnations.

Our catalog features not just adult Groot as he originally appeared but teen and baby Groot as well providing you with a comprehensive collection of looks to meet your costumed needs. Whether you just need a mask, or a whole bodysuit offering, you can be sure you, your child, or even your pet will be at the ready with a costume featuring everyone’s vocabulary-limited super tree.

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