Green Lantern Costumes

So, you want to be a super hero this year but can't decide who to be? How about checking out one of our fabulous Green Lantern Halloween costumes! You'll look like you just stepped off the pages of the classic comic book, so much so that the comic-con fanatics will all be asking where you got it.

Green Lantern Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Evil will beware your power this Halloween when you’re armed with a powerful new weapon that draws its energy from your inner resolve. Show that you are fearless this Halloween by sporting your very own Green Lantern look.

Chosen from the depths of Oa’s vault, your new Green Lantern costume was just one among many all centered on different origins and backgrounds designed to mirror the user’s personality as much as it is a uniform for easy identification. Go into battle dressed as your favorite Green Lantern with characters such as Hal Jordan or Arisia. Whether you’re a fan of the characters from the movies, comics or both you’ll love having such authentic and official DC products as part of your ensemble. This catalog also includes actual green lantern rings that light-up, as well as an inflatable fist and mini-gun for a complete and functional arsenal that will help keep that pesky Sinestro and his yellow minions in their place.

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