Green Lantern Costumes

So, you want to be a super hero this year but can't decide who to be? How about checking out one of our fabulous Green Lantern Halloween costumes! You'll look like you just stepped off the pages of the classic comic book, so much so that the comic-con fanatics will all be asking where you got it.

Whether you are a man, woman or child, we have the perfect Green Lantern suit for you, and the best part is it's below-retail price. Some of the iconic green suits come in a deluxe version with a built-in muscled chest, so you won't have to go to the gym to fill it out! Remember to check if your costume includes a Green Lantern Power ring, or you will be pretty much powerless against any villains like Sinestro that may call you out on Halloween! (If not, one can always be purchased separately)

So, you have a group of friends, and you are trying to think of a theme to dress in because these are always a hit at parties. Having an ensemble is always a prime target for the picture-takers, so be ready to fend off the paparazzi. A great theme this year is super heroes. Any one of our Green Lantern costumes can be teamed up with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. All these great super hero uniforms, and more, are available on our website for below retail prices!

Another idea is to pair one of our Green Lantern costumes with his arch enemy, Sinestro! Our site offers a complete make-up kit to help transform you into the perfect nemesis!

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