Grease Costumes

No matter what anyone tells you, it's never too early to start planning your next Halloween experience. Great costumes tend to require planning- especially if you are going as a group. For lovers of musicals and all things 50s, group costumes from the movie Grease are a no-brainer!

Dress The Whole Family In Grease Costumes This Halloween

For single men, there is just no better group identity to assume than the Thunderbirds! The epitome of rugged masculinity mixed with sincere romanticism, you and your boys will be the talk of the party. Now pop your collars and yell out, "Go Grease Lightening!"

On the flip side, if you're planning a girl's night out, grab a few of those Pink Ladies outfits! This is a fun and flirty way to go out and get noticed on Halloween while sticking together as a group. Furthermore, for added effect, feel free to learn a few synchronized moves to burst out throughout the night. It'll make for great footage as well as memories!

For those going out as a family, why not go as the entire cast? Mom and dad would obviously dress as Sandy and Danny respectively. The kids, depending on the overall size and composition of your family, can go as Thunderbirds, Pink Ladies, or cheerleaders. Don't be afraid to get your extended family involved, with enough people you could even reenact some of those legendary dance scenes!

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