Grease Costumes

No matter what anyone tells you, it's never too early to start planning your next Halloween experience. Great costumes tend to require planning- especially if you are going as a group. For lovers of musicals and all things 50s, group costumes from the movie Grease are a no-brainer!

Grease Costume Ideas & Inspiration

This amazing musical still ranks as one of the most successful movies of all time. The romance at the center of the film between Danny and Sandra is remembered to this day fondly by millions of cinema fans across the world, but you don’t need us to remind you of that.

Start practicing your singing voice this Halloween while searching our Grease catalog for the outfit that’s right for you and that special someone you’re planning to go partying with. Grease tells a story of star-crossed lovers, double lives and asks whether they can actually make it. Well, when Mr. Cool himself John Travolta puts his mind to something you can be sure that it’ll get done. This product features an amazing selection of Greaser jackets just like the ones worn by Danny’s gang as well as plenty of lady outfits ranging from prim and proper, all the way to bad girl.

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