Godzilla Costumes

If there's one monster out there who everyone knows is capable of mass destruction than it is certainly Godzilla. Now, you too can become this giant lizard terrifying an entire city, or just a party, when you put on our of our Gozilla Halloween costumes. These outfits will make you look like you came right out of the movie screen and into reality. With the recent re-release of Godzilla in 2014, this monster is all anyone will be talking about again. This king of the monsters goes from destroying the major city of Tokyo to destroying New York City in the reboot. You can stick to destroying your town in one of these Godzilla outfits.

Godzilla Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The King of the Monsters has never looked so good. This Halloween, become the fiercest and most dangerous kaiju to ever walk the earth with a costume that’s just right for you thanks to our extensive collection of Godzilla outfits. These products are officially licensed and feature his most recent design from the MonsterVerse continuity. You may be a giant monstrous lizard but you’re fighting to maintain the balance between the world of men and creatures.

Suit up in a costume that features authentic movie details against the evil Ghidorah and his allies. With outfits designed for both children and adults, it provides a great opportunity for group costumes featuring the other creatures seen in the first movie and the more recent King of the Monsters sequel. You may not be able to breathe fire but you can certainly throw down with the best of them thanks to a Godzilla costume that looks like it came straight out of the movie.

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