Gnome Costumes

If you enjoy the fantasy genre and want a fun group costume theme, then our gnomes group costume are the perfect category for you. Gnomes are part of Renaissance folklore first introduced in the 18th century. They are typically small humanoid creatures that live underground and have become a popular lawn ornament in modern times.

Gnome Costume Ideas & Inspiration

No longer restricted to being static lawn ornaments the gnomes are here and they’re ready to join in on the Halloween festivities. Get your family ready for a day of fun and games thanks to a magical selection of gnome costumes. This catalog features a wide bevy of costumes intended not just for adults but children as well as ensuring junior and your little princess will get to join in on the costumed fun alongside mom and dad.

These products feature authentic gnome fashion, especially the trademark pointy hat, as well as white beads with attached ears in some cases for the men and boy’s outfits. We’ve even got a ride-on costume ready for some wacky hijinks that will get all the kids laughing in no time. Whether you’re partying alongside the rest of the family, or just trick-or-treating your way across town you’ll be glad to be spending the holiday together enjoying each other’s company – and yes, while dressed as a pack of adorable gnomes. 

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