Girl's Zombie Costumes

Not every little girl wants to be a princess or ballerina for Halloween. Move over sugar, spice and everything nice! Time to make room for fake blood, decaying flesh and a pronounced stagger. Zombies are an integral part of Halloween, and our girl's zombie costumes combine a little bit of cute with a whole lot of creepy.

Order Girl's Zombie Costumes At Low Wholesale Prices

Little girls, and zombies, like to hang out in hordes. If you're looking for a great group costume, look no further than a zombie theme. Nothing is as scary as an army of little girl zombies headed your way! This could also be a fun family costume idea. Mom and Dad zombies with their brood of zombabies; maybe even get Fido in on the theme with some fake blood and matted fur. The family that dresses up in zombie Halloween costumes is the family that stays together! We offer a variety of different costumes and accessories to add the perfect ghoulish touch to your zombie look.

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