Girl's Video Game Costumes

Your daughter was practically born with a controller in her hands, so get her excited for this Halloween by purchasing a costume that reflects her love for video games. The Girls Video game Costumes page is a collection of outfits based on popular characters from a variety of sources. These are the type of costumes that she will want to hang up in her closet and wear on a regular basis.

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Nintendo has always been there, inspiring innovation and being a generally positive aspect of people's lives. Your daughter can dress up as Princess Peach, Mario, and other characters this Halloween. Afterward, she can wear these costumes to a party, when driving a go-kart, while playing tennis, and you get the idea. Finding creative ways to use a costume is always the best way to go about purchasing the right one. Classic and new games are represented on this list, too. While Nintendo hosts a great collection of characters who have been around for a long time, newer licenses like Angry Birds are also just as popular and full of fun, playable characters. These outfits are designed in tunic or dress variety so that your daughter can have a choice.

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