Girl's Superhero & Villain Costumes

For so long, super heroes, and the character costumes that came with them, were thought to be only for boys. Boys were the ones who dressed up like their favorite super hero for Halloween, and had all the super hero fun. Now, it's not just the boys who get to have super hero fun, but the girls, too! Now, there are a ton of female super heroes for girls to look up to, and matching character costumes to make any girl's Halloween spectacular.

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Girl's superhero Halloween costumes are a great way to show off any girl's power, and there is enough variety among these costumes that no girl will have to forsake her favorite super hero for Halloween. There are super hero costumes for girls of any age, beginning with the classic, iconic female super heroes. Wonder Woman has long been one of the most popular female super heroes, and there is a great character costume for any girl's Halloween. Batgirl is also an iconic figure who costume is just as recognizable as Batman's, and will make any girl shine on Halloween.

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Supergirl costumes are every bit as popular as Superman costumes, and though they are available in the iconic red and blue color scheme, new pink Supergirl costumes are also taking off. And for any girl who loves the legend of Spiderman, there could be no better Halloween costume than Spider Girl, which is also available in a fun, girly pink color scheme. Power Rangers are a new classic, and every girl who ever wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger is in luck with the great matching character costume.

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Even the girls who idolize the male super heroes are in luck with girl's super hero costumes which offer female versions of the classic male costumes. There is an Ironette, Robin, and even Captain America girl's costume available. Even the most girly girls are in luck with a Barbie super hero costume for Halloween.

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