Girl's Cape/Robe Costumes

What are you going to let your daughter dress as this Halloween? Does she like superheroes? What about Harry Potter? If you are considering letting your daughter dress as a superhero, you should probably be looking for girl's capes and robes as part of her Halloween costume. We offer a wide variety of different robes, cowls, shawls, capes, and more to add the perfect touch to your look. Whether you are aiming for an original creation or in need of an officially licensed product, we have got you and your girl covered. Check out all of the items we have for sale below.

Order Girl's Capes & Robes From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

You might want to consider letting her make her own Halloween costume using a cape or robe. With a black robe, she can make a homemade Batgirl or even become a gothic vampire costume. There are plenty of colorful options to create all kinds of different characters. For versatility, a red cape can be used as part of a Supergirl outfit one year and a devil costume next Halloween. Your daughter can look just like Hermione in the robes that are worn by the students at Hogwarts. Browse through our list of costumes and other accessories to see what else you can add to the look.

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