Girls Greek/Roman Costumes

The Ides of March was an ancient Roman celebration to honor the god Mars but since no one has celebrated that day since the years before Christ, we offer these girl's Greek and Roman costumes primarily for Halloween. Your daughter can relive times of Greek and Roman antiquity when people worshipped many gods and goddeses. The girls Greek costumes can be worn to be any of these goddesses. She'll become a beautiful toga-wearing goddess or a Roman queen. These girl's Greek and Roman costumes encourage a love of history while making playtime special and Halloween creative.

Of course, kids might prefer something more mythological backstory, especially if they're planning on wearing their girl's Greek costumes out for a party or Halloween. A beautiful pink or blue toga can easily be modified to become the goddess of wisdom Athena or the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. They will feel strong, powerful, and beautiful in any of these costumes. Browse our listing of different jewelry and accessories to find matching decorations for her look. Plus, a beautiful necklace may allow her to possess the strength and powers of a goddess. Hurl lightning bolts and change into an animal using these magical togas.

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