Girls 80's Costumes

Halloween is right for the 80's because these days, it would have to be Halloween for anyone to walk around in big hair and neon. Right now, children everywhere are starting to think about what they want to dress up as to go trick or treating. As a parent, it's important to get your child the best costume you can, but you also don't want to over stress your budget. Here are several different costume ideas for your little girl if she wants to dress up in a style reminiscent of the 1980's with a girls 80s costume.

The 1980's were the decade that punk rock exploded on to the music scene, and we have the styles that show it! You can dress your little girl up in a cute punk rock singer, guitarist, or bass guitarist outfit, with an optional microphone or instrument. The Singer outfit, for instance, features a spaghetti strap top with a black and pink zebra print, with a matching, attached multi-layered skirt. A black mesh top and solid black leggings complete the look, but why stop there? Colored hairsprays and hairpieces, funky jelly or metal bracelets, and fingerless gloves can be added as optional accessories in addition to the microphone. One thing to remember about girls 80's costumes is the endless variety to make the outfit unique. You can probably even find something appropriate for these outfits in your closet! A colorful tank top and an offsetting color headband, along with some wild makeup and an old pair of legwarmers can be a great girls 80's Halloween costume.

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