Girls 50's Costumes

The splendid decade of youthful energies coming into their own and blossoming began during this decade. The Girl's 50's Costumes page is full of costumes based on fashions that became quite popular during this decade. These classic outfits possess a charm that speaks to the brand new concept of independent teenage years, and while your daughter still has many years till that time, she can certainly look the part this Halloween.

Simple coverings were not enough anymore, and so each skirt was designed in a unique and fun way that suited individual taste. The poodle skirt reigned supreme for most young girls. During this decade, girls in pants and jackets wasn't the norm, but there were women who dressed this way in order to say no to the status quo and act a bit rebellious. Depending on how your daughter acts, these costume varieties will certainly offer the best fit for her. Take a look back in time to see what kinds of other outfits and accessories can go along with the 50’s style.

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