Ghost Costumes

If you think the prefect ghosts costume is simply an old white sheet placed strategically over your head, then you'd be dead wrong! Defy the traditional ghost costumes, and go for a more original, attention-getting version, all below retail price!

Ghost Costumes

With both men's scary costumes and women's horror styles, you can turn your ghostly look into a dearly departed duo this October. At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll even find some gothic looks for babies and toddlers, turning your paranormal party into a family affair. After all, you wouldn't want to leave your loved ones behind, would you?

Find The Latest Ghost Costumes For The Whole Family

How versatile can a costume be when it comes to being a ghost? You'd be surprised. For instance, the gentleman's ghost costume looks like a page from the spiritual history books! The costume features a pale top hat, a tattered, well-worn looking three-quarter jacket and a matching neck scarf. The pieces look so authentic, people may think you teetered out of an 1830's historical exhibit. For a complete ethereal look, you may want to get some white face make-up and white wig, each sold separately. Just be careful, you may scare the wits out of someone!

If you are going as a couple, you cannot go wrong in pairing the gentleman's ghost costume with the ghostly gal. It is amazing such an elaborate costume piece has such an affordable price tag! The striking period costume is equipped with a eerie, pale grey dress, and matching wide-brimmed hat, capelet, glovelets and belt. This outfit is perfect for Halloween, or any costume party.

Another fun way a couple could pair one of the various ghost costumes with a Ghostbusters costume. We'll let you decide who will be the apparition, and who will be the buster! So, who you gonna call for fabulous ghost costumes? If you value great quality at below retail prices, then the answer is easy- us!

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