Funny Costumes

Make Wholesale Halloween Costumes your one-stop-shop destination for funny Halloween costumes! We have a great selection of hilarious costumes for men, women, boys, and girls that are shipped fast with our easy online ordering system. Get your funny costume today!

Funny Group Costumes

When you’re going out with a bunch of friends, maybe to a Halloween party, why not coordinate costumes for ultimate fun? Just imagine the lot of your friends dressed up in any of our great Ride On Costumes. Our Ride a Donkey Costume for Adults can be worn by your best buddy, while a cousin can arrive in our Ride an Alien Adult Costume! We’ve got a whole selection of Ride On Costumes, so another friend can dress up in our Ride a Spartan Adult getup. 

You see? You can create hilarity by coordinating costumes that bring your group together and make magical entertainment. We also feature a wide array of funny clown costumes too, that you and your friends can organize for sheer amusement. Take your pick, as we’ve got plenty of hilarious costumes to choose from. Give your imagination permission to run wild as you and your friends cruise through our store, and you’ll be delighted with the rich, colorful coordination options you can organize in one sitting.

Funny Couples Costumes

Coupledom. It’s heaven, right? You’ll make more memories—wacky ones at that—when you attend your Halloween celebration in coordinating costumes. Our Jail Bird Costume can be worn by one party, while your significant other wears this outlandish Orange Prisoner Jumpsuit Costume for Adults. It’s incredible fun to color coordinate, like we do here. Matching colors aside, our Queen of Hearts Adult Costume pairs exceptionally well with our King of Hearts Adult Costume. The romance never ends! 

Throw on our Gray Old Man Adult Wig while your partner wears this Sexy Guitar Vixen Costume. As an intergenerational couple, you’re sure to turn heads more than once! For more laughs, don any of our inflatable costumes. Romantically intertwine our Kangaroo Inflatable Costume for Adults with our Inflatable Elephant Costume for Adults. The couple combinations are endless. Mix love and humor together!

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

Get a giggle when you wiggle into one of our hilarious Halloween costumes in the 2018 season! You’ll sport an outlandish look, no matter which category of our 2018 Halloween costumes you select. From our Dancing Hot Dog Costume to our sizzling Hey Amigo Adult Costume, you’ll be roaring with laughter when you look into the mirror and cause a surge of doubletakes when you step foot outside your door. With us, you’ll find brand spanking new costumes, popular classics, as well as currently trending ones. Even browsing through our online store or glancing at our models dressed in our funny Halloween attire will get you pumped for the upcoming costume season. 

Stay tuned, because our inventory gets more and more exciting every day with new additions. We feature inflatable costumes, Ride On Costumes, wigs, masks, and every imaginable outfit under the sun. When you dress up in any of our costumes, you will rock your event with the likes of a professional comedian. How so? We are designed with one thing in mind—hilarity! Our grand selection of funny costumes is incredibly diverse. We’ve got an outfit for everyone. So sit back, grab a snack, and be prepared to be amused as you browse our wonderful selection.

Popular Funny Categories

If you’re the stay-true type, you’re likely to want to invest in a timeless costume. Our grand selection of classic outfits can be worn year after year and party after party, bringing you incredible satisfaction and plenty of showstopping attention all year round. Just throw on our Lederhosen Hoopster Adult Costume and be the star of the show! With a majestic beer belly no one has seen before, you can wear this timeless piece over and over and have sheer fun every time. 

Speaking of beer, get a load of our classic Ride a Beer Buddy Costume for Adults! You look like a jolly man, piggy-back riding on a strong, little bearded guy in a traditional Lederhosen outfit. This Ride On outfit, too, can be worn over several seasons, and you’ll never tire of it. Neither will your fellow partygoers, we must add! Our timeless costumes are abundant. Set aside plenty of time to have a look around our online store.

Top Funny Licenses

We also feature a bundle of licensed costumes, like DC Comics and Where’s Waldo! The Simpsons have entranced audiences for decades, and now you’ll get the chance to steer some of that attention your way. Our Deluxe Homer Costume for Adults is one example of our many officially licensed costumes. You’ll be dressed as the most loveable dunce in American television history—and you’ll enjoy every moment! Our magnificent collection of licensed, funny costumes includes Saturday Night Live, Zoolander, Dumb and Dumber, and more amazing ones like The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Get in on the action of licensed costumes by browsing our vast selection!

Buying Tips and Ideas

With over 500 hilarious outfits to choose from, you might benefit from a few buying tips. When you’re heading out to an adult party, our R-rated costumes will set you up for laughs all night long. So consider the type of event you’re about to make waves at. The right costume will send the right attention your way. On the other hand, any of our G-rated costumes will fly in any celebration or event. Our Wiggles the Clown Women’s Costume is ideal for children’s parties, while our Tutu Lulu the Clown Sexy Costume will stir things up at an adult-themed bash! 

Other buying tips include selecting the perfect fit. Consider fit when looking at our new arrivals, like the sizzling Women’s Party Animal Jumpsuit. Our sizes for this particular outfit run from 6 to14. For a wider size range, consider outfits like our Adult Ride an Evil Clown Costume, which fits men up to 42 inches. Comfort is also as important as fit. You’ll want to consider breathability when making your selection, such as when it comes to face masks. If you’d rather just dress up in an outrageous costume from neck to feet and without a mask, we have just the right getup for you. If you’d prefer a full mask, we’ve got you covered, too!

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