Friday the 13th Costumes

Celebrate your scary Halloween with Jason Voorhees Costumes and other Friday the 13th accessories and props. Halloween is meant to be a scary holiday, and classic horror films can be a great influence on your dress-up look. Many Friday the 13th outfits for men and women make you look like the serial killer star of the show. Jason ensembles often feature a tattered shirt, pants, and hockey mask. The white hockey mask is crucial in making for a recognizable character look. There are also more feminine designs based on the Jason character. Many women's Friday the 13th outfits take the signature hockey mask into account with sassy hockey jersey dresses as the base for their ensembles. There are lots of ways to get into character, so find one that suits you!

Horror Movie Costumes

There won't be any lifeguards on duty this Halloween if you choose to don the hockey mask like one Jason Voorhees. Choose from the stalker or Camp Crystal Lake or one of the many other horror costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Between Freddy Kreuger, Chucky, and Ghostface from Scream, you'll have a ton of antagonistic options, each of which is sure to scare as much as the last.

Friday the 13th Costume Ideas & Inspiration

We hope you have a good time while you’re on your trip to Camp Crystal Lake this Halloween but we have to admit we’re a little worried about this whole unstoppable killing machine situation. Still, we’re pretty sure that nothing will happen to you and your friends. Does this sound like something that could happen to you? If so, then instead why not flip the script and do the slashing this year with the help of our extensive Crystal Lake catalog.

Horror fans will absolutely lose their minds when they lay their eyes on this exciting selection of Jason Vorhees costumes and associated weapons, props and more. Create your very own Friday the 13th movie with an authentic mask and outfit that will make it look as if you have just emerged from the bottom of the lake in pursuit of new kills and victims. Be sure to arm yourself with his trademark implement and get your machete ready for one very busy Halloween night.

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