French Maid Costumes

Clean up this Halloween party with a variety of French Maid costumes for women. A French Maid is a popular sultry costume for anyone who wants to be extra charming this year. Create your own costume by putting pieces together with an adult maid kit, complete with a feather duster and apron. We also provide affordable costumes – as a maid, you work hard for your money so it’s no wonder that we have the best prices available for this costume. Choose from all different maid’s costumes. Just figure out how short your want your skirt to be and how large you want your petticoat to be. Classic or contemporary? The choice is yours.

French Maid Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You might have trouble getting any cleaning done when you’re wearing a cute little uniform that you will get you in the mood for some playful fun. Report for duty while wearing one of our collection of eye-catching French Maid costumes for a day that will be anything but hard work. Coming in a monochromatic color scheme, these French maid outfits are just what you’ve been looking for to heat things up this Halloween with that handsome employer of yours.

These costumes take the traditional maid uniform and put a naughty spin on it that is perhaps not the most professional thing to wear to work, but it sure is a lot of fun to show off. Featuring short skirts you won’t have any problem showing your dedication to the job thanks to your stunning new look. Pick up a feather duster some extra interactive fun for a pulse-pounding Halloween that you or the boss won’t soon forget.

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