Frankenstein Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, you can create the look of one of the holiday's most famous characters with our Frankenstein Costumes and monster accessories. Frankenstein, or more aptly his monster, is often depicted as a huge green creature. This original zombie was brought back from the remains of the dead and a jolt of electricity to his madness-stricken brain. Many of our men's and boy's monster outfits includes a suit jacket, pants, and a headpiece to help you look like Mary Shelley's famous monster. Women's monster outfits usually follow a Bride of Frankenstein design or puts a feminine twist on the traditional green creature. A sassy skirt or elegant gown are both great dress-up options.

Frankenstein's Monster Makeup Tutorial

Since the original novel’s release of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in 1818, the monster has seen countless portrayals and appearances in movies and television. Frankenstein's monster has become a staple in horror and gothic lore. He's definitely the most recognizable monster in the history of horror films. Now you too can become alive this Halloween. Complete the classic Frankenstein look with the help of this makeup tutorial! We went with a look that was inspired by Boris Karloff from the original 1931 Frankenstein film. 

Frankenstein Costume Ideas & Inspiration

It’s alive, it’s alive! This Halloween, the fruits of your important labor are finally ready to pay off. They said you were mad to go off in search of a catalog that would provide you with a diverse variety of Frankenstein’s Creature costumes with which to enjoy Halloween. Have some fun this season courtesy of a selection of classic horror monsters that will transform you into a creature that has been bought back from beyond.

These classic takes on the Creature make for an exciting opportunity for classic horror fans of the cinema and literature looking to show off their knowledge and tastes with a timeless look that will have the villagers in your town running for the hills. Be sure to pick up additional accessories such as Frankenstein makeup, neck bolts, and platform shoes to really give you some extra height. Team-up with horror icons like Dracula, or the Wolfman for a genuine monster smash.

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