Frankenstein Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, you can create the look of one of the holiday's most famous characters with our Frankenstein Costumes and monster accessories. Frankenstein, or more aptly his monster, is often depicted as a huge green creature. This original zombie was brought back from the remains of the dead and a jolt of electricity to his madness-stricken brain. Many of our men's and boy's monster outfits includes a suit jacket, pants, and a headpiece to help you look like Mary Shelley's famous monster. Women's monster outfits usually follow a Bride of Frankenstein design or puts a feminine twist on the traditional green creature. A sassy skirt or elegant gown are both great dress-up options.

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The Mary Shelley's character is as classic as it is tragic. Doctor Frankenstein brings a man back to life by using a mish-mosh of limbs, organs, and electricity. His assistant, Igor, helps make the man a monster by supplying a deformed brain rather than a normal one. The monster goes on a murderous rampage before finally escaping to the north Pole. Other films and books have drawn from the story of this mad scientist to create their own narratives. Many images of the monster feature the classic green look so be sure to accessorize with green face paint, gloves, black boots, and neck bolt cosmetics. Scars and other makeup tricks will really pull your look together for a frightfully wonderful monster ensemble.

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